Using the Managed Software Center on your Macbook

In term 3 2017 after a significant period of testing, ITSG have introduced the Managed Software Center for managed staff laptops. This application is designed as a drop-in replacement to the "App Store" provided by Apple, and provides all software updates and installations required and approved within this program.

The Managed Software Center

The MSC should be automatically installed to your laptop. If it has not been, please feel free to visit ITSG to have this installed during normal operational hours. During the installation you will see a pop-up window advising you of its installation and to reboot. Please reboot when feasible, remembering this will not work until a reboot is completed.

The popup-window and MSC icon on the dock

At this point, you'll also notice a new, black icon on the dock. This is the MSC, and it will not function correctly until after a reboot.

Updates will appear with a red number over the MSC icon on the dock. You will also be "nagged" by a window in the top right popping up. Simply open the MSC and click on the "Updates" tab. From here, hit the "Update all" button, and your updates will install.

A number of updates waiting to install on a managed device

Please note that some updates will require a reboot. You will be notified if this is required. When doing updates, please ensure:

1. You ensure you have the time when you run this update - the download time taken can be up to an hour, but is usually closer to 10 minutes
2. You are plugged into power or have a near full battery when completing (you can have big issues if your laptop runs out of power mid-update)

After starting an update that requires a reboot, your computer will be logged out (please save your work) and you should be presented with a screen like the below. Simply wait for the update to complete, and your computer should reboot and be fully updated!

The update screen shown whilst a reboot-required update is running. Your computer is not usable at this time.

A great time to do this is if you happen to be teaching a class that doesn't require a computer, or if you're not using your computer for lunch - simply plug it in and hit the "Check for updates" or "Update all" button!

Should you need help using these options please click here to book in a 1:1 session. You can also contact us via extension +144, email ([email protected]), or Skype for Business (same email)

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