What is and isn't supported, and when ITS is available


General IT support

For students:

The IT helpdesk is available to students in years 7-12 before school, recess, lunchtime, and after school.
VCE students can get support during spare periods, and this will be checked.
Students from years 7 to 10 are not permitted to come to the ITS office during class time, and will be sent back to class if this happens.

For staff:

The IT helpdesk is available to staff from 8.30am to 4pm on school days.
During class time, if you need IT / AV support when something isn't working, please contact IT Services via Skype for Business using the address [email protected]
Alternatively, you can send an email to [email protected] (same address as skype for business, but in email format) to let us know that something is wrong.
Should you require IT assistance that will take some time, e.g. preparing something new for class or using an app that you haven't used before, please send an email to support (at the address provided above) and request a 1:1 meeting. ITS require at least 24 hours notice of these requests.

Mobile device support

For students:

YEAR 7 & 8 Student iPad Program

The iPad program is considered a BYO program, so any hardware based issues are the responsibility of students & parents to visit an apple authorized repairer, such as the Apple Store in Doncaster.
IT Services support the software that's required for class and the network connectivity for the devices, but no hardware support is provided.

YEAR 9, 10 and 11 MacBook / Laptop Program

Laptops provided within the RSC laptop program are covered under 3 years of warranty & accidental damage.
IT Services support the software 'image' for these devices, apps required by the college, network connectivity and the organisation & logging of all warranty and insurance issues.
No support will be provided to software installed outside of the list required for classes.
Viruses and Malware that are present on student devices as a result of software that has been installed by parties other than IT Services are the responsibility of the device owner. Students may install software suggested by ITS to remove these infections, but if infected machines are brought to ITS for support, they will be 'reimaged' on the spot and returned to the state that they were provided to students at the beginning of Year 9.
Backups are the sole responsibility of the device owner, and not IT Services. Multiple backup methods can be suggested by IT Services, but no on-the-spot backups will be made.

Year 12

There is no official laptop program at Year 12 and is considered BYO. Students are permitted to connect ONE device to the school network (in the same format as other year levels), such as a laptop or an iPad.
Ownership of devices from Year 11, when going into Year 12, transition from the college to the student when the devices are purchased. From this point through to the end of Year 12, no hardware support is provided.
The college can supply Year 12 students with a student version of Microsoft Office 2016 (via Office 365) on request.
Other than Microsoft Office, the only software support that is provided at the current time is the Adobe CC suite for VCE Media students.
No other software support will be provided, and all other software is the responsibility of the device owner.
Students & parents need to contact device vendors for support if there are any issues - in the case of devices purchased from the College at the end of Year 11, this is Apple (the Apple Store in Doncaster, for example).

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